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Psychiatric Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre

Seon Psychiatric Hospital

Old Age Home


Mentally Retarded Home

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Handicapped Home

Giving Oil Massage for the Handecapped Children

Child Care Center

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General Hospital



The Trust provides care and treatment for the mentally ill and physically challenged. It conducts recreational programs and exposure which involves the inmates in the daily activities of the center and provides them skill training programs.

Our daily work – a way to recover

In order to keep the patients happy and busy, various activities are being conducted for the improvement of their physical and mental health. Everyone in the center is given some manual labor.


As a result, significant improvements in the behavior of the inmates are seen, and gradually some are restored to normalcy. Besides this training efforts have been made to bring them on the line.

Our Donors

First of all, we would like to thank everyone for helping us, regardless of the kind and the amount of the donation. Since we are a non-governmental organization we are in need of everyone being interested. Since we depend on your support, we kindly pray you to keep up your spirit and we invite everyone being interested in supporting to see which improvement even a small effort can bring about.