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Our Staff

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The Management

The Ashram is run by U.C. Paulose, who is deeply moved by the suffering and inhumane living condition of these unfortunate people. Sowmya is the Manager, seeing to the proceedings in Seon Ashram because her father Sri U.C. Paulose is traveling in order to raise the necessary funds.

The Office Staff

We want to be accountable to our donors – our office staff sees to that your donation is used as efficiently as possible! It is them to check the stock and to decide upon the purchase of all kinds of goods in collaboration with the management. They are surely willing to answer any of your questions, just contact us. Moreover, they deal with all the formal information coming in from the medical staff such as new diagnosis’s of inmates, development of the medication stock and finally the admission of new inmates and the discharge of inmates if they are able to.



The Medical Staff

They mainly see to the health and recovery of our inmates, psychiatric and general visiting doctors come regularly to our Ashram. Furthermore, they are responsible for the distribution and the adjustment of the daily medication. Medicine is usually distributed in the morning at 9 am, at noon and at night around 7 pm. Moreover, the medical staff works together with a physiotherapist from Kakkinje to improve the physical health of our handicapped children. Counselors, social workers, and field workers are available to improve the inmates’ health.

Kitchen Staff

Every human being needs food. In our kitchen two staff are mainly in charge – they assign the work to about 15 members, both male and female. Together, they cook and distribute the daily food.

Wardens and Guardians

Sometimes psychiatric patients may try to escape or become difficult to control. Our wardens are there to prevent and resolve such situations, if necessary in collaboration with the medical staff.