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Regular Activities

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This is to give you an overview of a normal day at Seon Ashram. In order to keep the patients happy and busy, various activities are being conducted for the improvement of their physical and mental health. Everyone in the center is given some manual labor.

7.00 AM: Our residents having poor self-care are provided with bath and can brush their teeth

7.30 AM: Physiotherapy for the differently able children is performed

8.30 AM: Tea is served - our differently able children are helped having their Tea

9.10 AM: Our differently able children get their daily ration of milk

9.15 AM: Medicine is distributed to those in need

10.00 AM: Field workers and our residents clean floors and surroundings

10.30 AM: The breakfast is served

11 AM: Physiotherapy for several disabled children is performed

12 PM: our residents get the chance to become creative in Craft Class

1.30 PM: Lunch is served - our disabled children are assisted by care takers as well as volunteers

2.30 PM: ``Do you speak English`` - our residents get the chance to learn a foreign language

4 PM: Evening tea is served

5 PM: Male residents go out for a walk

7 PM: Medicine is distributed to those in need

7.30 PM: Dinner is served

8 PM to 9.30 PM: Time for some entertainment - Watching TV

Craft Works

At Seon Ashram we offer our residents the opportunity to make different craft items according to their capabilities. They make them either on their own during the day or with the guidance of our volunteers during the Craft Class between 11.30 am and 1 pm each day. Craft is a vital vocational and occupational activity in our Ashram. We kindly pray you to support this activity.

We kindly invite you to visit Seon Ashram and get your own impressions.

You could support us by visiting the Ashram and buying these items during a visit to our Ashram.

It would be even better if you could get us in contact with other interested people or even a shop selling such products and recommend these. It would give our residents the opportunity to gain “their own income” and give them the feeling that they can achieve things by themselves.

Thanking you in advance for your interest and every support you are willing to give us.