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Director’s Message

Often,  our society has a  tendency to cast out its ‘lesser’ mortals…  To isolate them mentally, emotionally and even physically to ensure the idea of a pseudo perfect creation.  A body might have been broken, the soul crushed yet in the shower of true dedication and care, possibilities are bound to sprout… to unearth such a possibility is a divine quest, the Lord’s directive. Seon Ashram a residential and rehabilitative center for the mentally ill is dedicated such a quest. Based in the serene backdrop of Mangalore, Seon Ashram was founded by Mr. U.C. Paulose is the year 1999 with an express intention to serve the impoverished and emotionally oppressed masses of society. Today, the ashram is home to the mentally ill, aged destitute, widows, orphans and needy children, physically challenged and sexually abused…  All cared for and provided with shelter,  food,  clothing, medical care and other such needs.  Most importantly, however, the ashram provides them with understanding companionship and a chance to make a mark in the very society that views them as secondary. A voyage of wonder needs many willing hands…. herein is an appeal, make an effort to understand those not as sure as you.


Greetings to all and thanks for your interest in the Seon Ashram Trust ( R ) and its paramount cause.

People with mental disabilities have always been seen as inferior and subjective to our pity. Maybe I subscribed to this view until; during the course of my travel I happened to see a mentally challenged individual who was busy looking for food in a smelly, maggot infested sewer. The sight of this fellow human being sharing this enforced condition with the dogs of the street made me question my own purpose. I knew that I must to something, how and what wee later considerations. After much thought, the idea of an Ashram that served the lowest downtrodden populace of our society was conceived. And later much trials and e orts the dream saw concrete reality. On the 22nd of March 1999, The Seon Ashram Trust (R) was dedicated to the cause of identifying; enrolling and rehabilitating mentally challenged and emotionally pained individuals. Starting with a single patient, the movement today supports a multitude of impoverished and emotionally oppressed individuals… mentally ill, aged destitute, widows, orphans and needy children, physically challenged and sexually abused victims. No distinction is made on religious, moral or economic grounds. Here you will find people of all age groups from a 2-month-old baby to a 100-year-old. What began as an individual effort has now succeeded in being a movement that sees the involvement of more and more concerned hearts, willing to dedicate their time and resources to this cause. The ashram needs about 18 lakh rupees a month of function in a way as to make justice to its high cause, and with little pushes from willing patrons, we have always persevered. The aim is high and there is always room for more willing hands…considers making a difference.

Any mission, any vision needs willing hands and compassionate interest. I invite you, as a friend, to visit our Ashram, to mingle with the ones who would gladly welcome you and consider a way to be of their assistance. Every ounce of help counts.

Thanks for your patience,…

U.C Paulose