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Our Story

Our Story

Have you ever thought that a disheveled street dweller, who is mentally & physically challenged and rifles through dustbins at railway platforms could ever live a respectable life?

We have made this possible at the SEON Ashram.

Today, the ashram is home to the mentally ill, aged destitute, widows, orphans, needy children, physically challenged and sexually abused, all cared for and provided with shelter, food, clothing, medical care and other facilities. We rescue them to create incredible stories of change.

Who are we?

It was 16 years ago that UC Paulose, our founder had a life changing experience – he witnessed a sight that would define the purpose & the course of his life. He saw the heart-wrenching scene at a railway station in Kerala …… 2 mentally & physically challenged men were scouring through dustbins, looking for food among the dustbins! It moved him to see lives being lived at the cost of human dignity, in hunger and hapless abandon. Paulose felt that this has to change. He started the SEON Ashram to attempt something transformational.

SEON became the roof under which the homeless would find their chance for a better life. SEON provided them with medical care, counseling, food, clothing & shelter. Today, SEON has over 440 residents, whose lives are being transformed. We are located in Karnataka (Dakshin Kannada) at Gandibagilu in the Western Ghats – 85 km’s east of Mangalore in a 10-acre plot of land. You are welcome to visit us.

Success Stories:

Since our inception, Seon Ashram has helped over 100-disabled residents without homes to return back to society and live a normal life.

Shreenath Pandey: 

11 years ago we found Shreenath Pandey on the streets with severe mental illness. He then became a part of the Seon family and with continuous treatment and medication, he was able to recollect his identity and past. He used to be a railway officer in Uttar Pradesh but unfortunate circumstances led to his situation. After seeing an astonishing improvement in his mental health, we approached his family and wrote to his two sons. Soon after, the sons visited Seon Ashram and were delighted to see their father having recovered and happy in the Ashram. His entire family then came to Seon for his discharge from our hospital and were all reunited.

Shreenath Pandey when Seon Ashram took him in and after, during his discharge with his family


Two years ago, we found a 20 something man wandering the streets around our Ashram. After informing the police, we admitted him to Seon to treat his mental illness. Our psychiatric doctor prescribed the necessary medication to him. He could not recollect anything from his past, not even his identity. Eventually, over a period of time, memories of his past came back to him. He gave us the details of his home and family and we contacted them. After having fully recovered, his brother came to Seon to discharge him and take him home. We were very happy to have played such a crucial role in Narad’s life.

Narad during admission and after recovery


Two years ago, we took to our Ashram a sexually abused pregnant woman with mental illness. She could not remember her name or the place she was in. We named her Bobitha. Bobitha was also infected with VDRL + and we provided her with medication, psychiatric care and pregnancy care. In May last year, she delivered a healthy baby girl. Bobitha is still undergoing treatment and both she and her daughter are taken care of by the Ashram.

Bobitha during admission and now