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Little Flower English Medium School

The Trust is running a school with the name Little Flower English Medium School in Kanajar, Karkala Taluk of Udupi District since 2008. The school going children from Seon Ashram have been shifted there. The boarding facility is also available for the children along with the school infrastructure has been set up by the trust.seon school, Little Flower English Medium SchoolLittle Flower English Medium School has classes from pre-primary to 10th standard. We also have permission for PUC.

“A child is deprived of superior education due to its parent’s inability to afford it. It grows up and has to compete with the magnitude of candidates hailing from affordable families managing to educate themselves in elite educational institutions”. The project supports poor and needy school going children who are between 4 – 16 years old. We educate all of them in a good English Medium School so that these children do not have to feel inferior among their peers originating from the upper and middle class. We used to send our Ashram’s children 18kms far for getting a good education.

The present school strength is 350. Among these 60 students are supported by Seon Ashram.  Ashram provides them with all the facilities to develop themselves in the fields of education, sports, culture, moral, physical and psychological health as well as basic life skills. Children get good opportunities to prove themselves in various talents. Children are also awarded for their talents on district and state level. The school also offers entertainment to the children by arranging an Education Tour, sports and games and cultural programs and much more

Education is the key for every child to achieve a better future and become self-reliant on a financial and mental level. But many children are denied this chance because their parents cannot afford to send their children to school and in the worst case the parents just drop their children making them orphans – for all these children Little Flower School means free education as well as a shelter.

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Jakin Mam:
I can say that it is a God-given privilege that I’m chosen, to look after these little ones of Seon Education Trust for the past two years.In the beginning, when I entered into this campus, it was a wonder for me, whether I will be able to work over here as a given job. But then gradually when I came to know the children in a more personal way, I felt that I am a person chosen by God to look after these little ones along with my husband Mr. Bin.

My work over here is not a fixed work. I do the work which I see, which I think that is needed for the children, for their betterment and I’m told by no one that I should do this and that but I think I consult God what I’m supposed to do for these little ones that they can grow in a better sense.I also plan my daily work. What I can do, how I can progress, how I can help our children to come up in their life. But my main aim is not only education, to teach them. Teaching you also can do, I also can do, or any one child can teach you. But for me, my teaching is for their personal development.

When they personally grow within themselves, or with their character that can really help them for better living.And anybody, any person you or me, if our character is good, I’m sure what we learn will affect our character, we are able to change our character and that’s the best education I think. And that will help them to know themselves far better than the other.The main personal intention of each one is that I should grow. We never say that ‘let me go down and somebody let them grow’, no, but when I say to myself that I should grow than I also see the growth in the other. That helps one and the other to grow For example  Oh Mo is growing so let me also find out in what way he is growing so I will also take little interest and try to do what you have done. So that is how our character can influence the other.What I think is that my children are keen observers. Children are the best mirrors of our lives. They observe us such a lot.

Like a chalk: if you pour a drop of water or if you pour a cup of water, even if you pour a pot of water, the chalk absorbs. That is the sense of our children. Children are the observers, they pick up all that they see. But they do not know, what I can take, when should I use them, they don’t know. The chalk is the best example for this.