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Volunteer’s Initiative

We appreciate every support – no matter what kind. However we especially appreciate volunteers coming to serve practically in our Ashram – every helping hand is needed.

Serving in our Ashram can be a rewarding experience for

  • Nursing students
  • Psychology students

  • Physiotherapy students
  • Students of social work
  • DTP and media students
  • Everyone being interested in serving people and keen on gaining a life time experience

What you can expect from us

  • Free accommodation – both shelter and food
  • Assistance in getting to Seon Ashram – please refer to “About” or Contac Us
  • A proper introduction and support during your stay and service

What you could do practically

  • Help our disabled children and elder residents to have their food (and assist them in their daily hygiene
  • Provide our disabled children with physiotherapy exercises
  • Lead psychological talks with some of our inhabitants
  • Help us to elaborate our website, brochures, presentations and explanatory videos

  • Become creative and realize new ideas in our Craft Classes
  • Share your knowledge during our English and General Education Classes

  • Offer sport activities for male and female residents
  • Just be with the people, play some games and talk to them

Already your presence makes a difference!!!

We would be rather delighted of you were interested in serving in our Ashram. If yes, these are the following steps:

  • Contact Us to clarify open questions
  • Please send us a motivation letter mentioning your motivation and preferred work. This letter should be about ½ page long
  • Start serving with us

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  • Gobind Singh Parihar

    Reply November 3, 2017 5:47 pm

    I would like to volunteer at seon ashram. Kindly tell me the procedure.

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