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Vocational Training for Inmates

It is very important to engage all the inmates in some or the other activities as per their interest. For this purpose, Seon Ashram conducts few activities for them to build up their confidence level and make them active in life. Few of the Activities are as follows:

Craft Work:

Some patients at Seon Ashram are interested at making Craft Work. Ashram provides them the necessary materials to do the craft. The craft items include flowers, bouquet, paintings, glass paintings, handmade embroidery etc. These items are prepares by the inmates who are interested in the craft. Majorly women inmates are participating in this activity. The items which are prepared by our inmates are sold out soon, by the visitors or guests who come to our Ashram.

DSC03440 craft





Stitching/ Tailoring:

Stitching is another activity which Ashram conducts for the inmates for them to become independent in life. Few people who recovered from their health issues are given training on tailoring and they do tailoring for themselves and also help others. This helps themselves as well as other inmates and more importantly when they are back to the society, this experience will help them to stand on their own feet. Majorly women inmates participate in this activity.

Picture 3692 Picture 3691






Candle Making:

Candle Making is also an interesting activity which our inmates are interested to do. Few people among the inmates are getting training on this and they prepare candles. Ashram provides them the necessary materials to prepare candles. This will also gives them confidence and make them feel better in life.

IMG_5353 IMG_5311





Cow Farming:

Cow farming is also managed by Seon Ashram. Some of the inmates are interested in taking care of goats, cows etc which provides milk. Both men and women equally involved in this activity. They make sure to provide them grass, cleaning them properly etc.

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