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Starting Stage Of Seon Ashram Trust

Starting Stage Of Seon Ashram Trust(R)

As Jesus had said according to Mathew 25:30 in the Bible, “Whatsoever you do to the least of my brethren, that you do, unto me”- with reference to these words of our Lord, lay person UC Paulose supported by the dedicated family, generous donors, and well-wishers, founded this home and ever since its inception has taken good care of the residents just like his own family members. This is a life story of a miracle village, Gandibagilu in DK district, at least for 386 destitute and sick people, whose lives were originally shattered for one reason or the other and were confined to the street corners and railway stations, who had to resort to food from the garbage bins. These people, unwanted by the society, have been and are being, picked up with love and care by an uneducated couple without any of their own income source with only one ambition in life – service to mankind.

In a starting stage inmates are accommodated in Mr. Paulose family itself. Later on, when the people are increased they are accommodated in small tents (huts). Over a period of time, the number of needy & helpless people started increasing and there was a need of having a proper house for them to stay. With help of donations from well-wishers and kind hearted people, Mr. UC Paulose has built a building with all the required facilities.With the support of generous donors, they are able to complete part of building work. Day by day people is increasing.

According to Mr. Paulos, “Seon Ashram has started quite accidentally. Once I saw a mentally ill person eating discarded food from the roadside garbage bin. I felt ashamed for the fate of this human being having to act like a stray animal. When I returned home, I discussed the matter with my wife and we both decided that will ultimately run an orphanage for such people. We had no idea of the magnitude of this decision as we had no real source of income of our own to do this. All that we had was love and compassion for human beings turned away by the society and belief in God”

The institution started in Mr. Paulose’s own small house with a girl who could not walk. Later Paulose went around town picking up people from streets and looking after them. Then as the news spread, more people were brought in by those who were aware of the work done in this institution. All along, by the grace of God, support has been forthcoming from many benefactors, and Eighteen years later this Ashram is quite active and alive. Mr. UC Paulose, his wife, children and other family members feel proud as to what we are doing for the less privileged, destitute and the disabled.