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About School


The Little Flower School is located in Karnataka State in the southwest of India. The nearest known city is the software development center Bangalore, which is 350 kilometers away in the east. (Map of Karnataka State). The nearest city is Udupi located at the coast of the Indian Ocean. (Map of southwest Karnataka). The district capital is Karkala.
You can reach the Little Flower School coming from the coast best via Udupi, from where you can take the Bus to Ranganapalke.

Please contact us, before you come, so that we can guide you from the bus stand to the school.

If you come from Bangalore, it is best, if you take the bus to Belthangady. From there, you get on the bus to Karkala and change to the next bus to Ranganapalke– then please contact us so that we guide you.

We are already looking forward to your visit in Little Flower School.


Before the Glarida Education Trust was founded by Mr. Lawrence Saldana, the area around Ranganapalke was like any other rural area in India: The children had no school and were taught by rough nature and family life – but they never learned about the complexity of the world or what is to be found outside their district. Mr. Lawrence founded the Little Flower Medium English High School to raise the rural children’s quality of life and give them access to knowledge about the world outside.

Since the Little flower school is now part of the Seon Ashram Trust, the motivating spirit can partially traced back to the decisive encounters of U.C. Paulose in 1999 as he wanted to catch a train to Plaghat in Kerala to go to work. While he was waiting for the train, he saw two mentally and physically challenged men rushing to the public dustbin, picking the food waste and eating it. It was really hard for him to consider them as human beings and he immediately wanted to safe them from such conditions.
These key experiences did not only awake a strong desire to help the mentally and physically challenged, but also the socially disadvantaged of our society – among whom children are the weakest ones. Thus he voluntarily accepted that the Seon Ashram Trust takes over the responsibility of Little Flower English Medium School.

Everyone serving in the school, management, office staff, the thirteen teachers, other staff and volunteers from abroad – we all are very grateful for having had the opportunity to attend a decent school, sometimes a pre- university college and even university. Now we consider it as our duty to provide our 310 children with the same opportunities we received when we were younger, in order to enable them to escape the circle of poverty and sorrow.

With all our efforts and god’s help we obtained the permission to teach children until the end of Higher Secondary Education. Everyday we work on the improvement of the learning habits of each pupil focussing on his of her individual needs. Our students should become critical thinkers and lifelong learners being able to change this country as responsible citizens. Furthermore we strive as hardly as we can to introduce the CBSE standards in our institution, so that the efforts of our children can be recognized fairly by others. In essence we strive towards excellence!

If you want to learn about our student’s achievements, please click here.

Apart from all this we consider our work as a considerable service to our nation India.

Our Staff

Management of Little Flower Medium English High School

Mr. U.C. Paulouse is the managing trustee and Mr. Subhash U.P. is the
Secretary of our school. Mrs. Veena Shedikaje is our dedicated head mistress.

Teaching Staff

The teaching staff is dedicated in the same way to serve the school as the mistress herself. Our well-experienced, well-trained and dedicated teachers are working together wholeheartedly to make our school’s name and fame shine and are struggling hard to improve the slow learners’ skills. Moreover they strive hard to impart high quality education and discipline.

The teachers also conduct the all-year long competitions between three teams (Spring, Summer and Winter) of students to strengthen their team spirit, social and physical abilities. During the presentation of the yearly report, the teams will be rewarded for their efforts during the year.

Moreover the students have a facility for painting classes.

Other Staff

The devoted service of the remaining personnel should not be forgotten. Many of the Nannies, kitchen staff, cleaning staff and guardians try their very best to keep up the spirit of our school after the end of the school day