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Seon Ashram is a residential and rehabilitative center for the mentally ill and challenged, physically challenged, aged, destitute infants and school going children, an organization having its concern for the sick and the suffering people. It was started by Mr. U.C Paulose in March 1999, and this financial year it has completed its 17th year of its existence of rendering its service to the lesser fortunate people of the above caliber.

The decisive event for the foundation of Seon Ashram was the scene observed by Sir U.C . Paulose in 1999 while he was on a travel to Plaghat in Kerala. Waiting for a train, he saw to mentally and physically challenged men rushing to the public dustbin picking food waste and eating it. Mr. Paulose was hardly able to consider them as human beings. The scene has awakened his desire to help the abandoned by society.

From that moment on, he dedicated all his efforts to the poor by founding the Seon Ashram Trust in 1999 now serving to 430 inmates affected in different ways.

Starting stage of Seon Ashram

Starting stage of Seon Ashram

Initial stage of Kitchen

Initial stage of Kitchen






The inmates are involved in different activities in the Ashram.

  • The able men and woman go to the Ashram’s agricultural fields to cultivate the crops growing,
  • see to that their ward is clean, help for building extension,
  • Help in the kitchen for preparing food and vegetable cutting,
  • Helping in the cow farm for bringing grass, cleaning the farm, feeding the cows etc.,
  • Preparing varieties of craft as per their ability and much more. From this, you can already note that mentally and physically challenged people have the abilities and a huge desire to contribute to something for the better. We would like to present you several personalities of our Ashram who have assumed special responsibilities and whose daily performance is very impressive – If you want to learn more, please follow this link. Our task is to offer them the necessary treatment and rehabilitation, so that one day – they can leave the Ashram and lead live a life outside again, supported by their families.

But we need your support to offer these opportunities to the inmates, because we are a non-governmental organization without any constant source of income and without government support. If you follow the link “How you could help us” in the navigation list, you can take a look at several examples which difference your effort can make.

Interested in seeing how we serve to our inmates practically – please take a look at this article and the photo galleries contained.

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Published Date: 07 Apr, 2008 (10:55 PM)

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