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Seon Old Age Home

All of us get older. But many of them are not able to look after themselves anymore due to physical and mental infirmities.

Frequently these ailments are quite severe and their relatives can not provide them with adequate treatment and care. Certainly, the Indian health care system has improved, but frequently treatment is not available and if – it is unaffordable for the majority.

Seon Ashram – a home for the elderly

We also want to offer a home for these weaker ones among us. Our medical staff and doctors are present to mitigate their sufferings and to look after their mental and hygienic condition.But we do not only take care of their basic needs – but we try our very best to make their last days peaceful and pleasant.

We also help them to attend the cultural and entertaining programs, take them outside for a walk and offer oil massages. Through these measures we want to make their stay here comfortable.


The Trust takes care of aged Destitutes. The Ashram is home to 50 aged women and men. They are looked after until they breathe their last peacefully. They are taken care considering their age, type of problem and situation. There are volunteers who engage these people in the different type of activities in the Ashram.

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The activities help them to forget their stresses and to make them busy. Some of them are interested in the craft works. They also participate in different game competitions, sports etc. Seon Ashram Trust gives equal importance to all kinds of disabilities and trying to make them lead a happy life within and outside of this Ashram.