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February 25, 2012 @ 6:28 am by seonashram


On 22.02.2012 at 6.30 p.m Mrs. Hemavathi  Veerendra Hegde, Sri Kshethra Dharmasthala visited our ashram with Principal SDM college Ujire Mr. Yashovarma, Mrs.Sonia Yashovarma, Manager of Stock Security Mr. Bujabali and field officers  and group of Field workers .

Speach Of Mrs. Hemavathi Hegde:

The work undertaken in Seon Ashram is amazing. It is not easy task, really hard work and appreciable service for the poor and suffering needy people those are neglected to street. Expressed her heartfelt thanks to Mr. U C Paulose family and staff to continuing this challenging service. I remember BaBa Amte, when Seon Ashram is doing this self less service.” Whatever we are having with us when we having ourselves we may get happy, but when we are sharing and having -we get satisfaction”. This means we are here to share ourselves and make others to live in this society. This service can lead us to get SATISFACTION.

She appreciated the neatness, service and promptness of the ashram. She really amazed the inmates are here, cannot make out they are suffering from mentally illness. They look very happy. She observed and the neatness and caring of  differently challenged ,bedridden children and appreciated the way of service offered to them.

She enquired deeply about the inmates and ashrams challenging steps towards service, how far we could relocate them to their family and what is our future steps, inmates those are here itself towards their last of breath. As the discussion with us she suggested us, we have to introduce our inmates some income generating activities. Also she has suggested us to do Agarbathi making activity by residents. She informed that from their centre they can give training and supports.


When their visit they donated 2500Kg rice, vegetables, curry powder, fruits and sweets for our residents. From Sri Kshethra Dharmasta they were donated before also steam cockers, plates etc. Also they donated 35 tunes rice and vegetables past years. Our heartfelt thanks and prayer to Sri Dr. D Veerendra Hegde to helping hand for serve the impoverished and emotionally oppressed masses of Society. We expect your future support, guidance and prayers in future also.

Manager Mrs. Sowmya U P explained briefly about the ashram starting stage, about inmates and their activities and also requisition letter for further support for Seon Ashram on behalf of Managing trustee Mr. U C Paulose. Mrs. Mary U P, W/O Mr. U C  Paulose on stage for the function by representing our institution. Staff of Seon Ms. Merin welcomed and Mrs. Jhancy thanked. Ms. Shainy, D/O U C Paulose conducted the M.C

Thank you.

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  1. Dear madam, thank you very much for supporting our charitable service. We expect your valuable cooperation in future also to continue in better way.

  2. Dear Mr. UP Paulose and his team doing wonderful job to serving the under privileged people of our society. It is very easy to talk and give lecture, but it very difficult to do such very hard work. we need the blessings from God and stamina to overcome such situations. God bless you all and keep in good health. I have decided to support this institution. mean time I request everybody to support this ashram. today (28.05.12.) I met Mr. Paulose is Muscat.

    Alex Aranha , Muscat.

    Alex Aranha

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