Seon Ashram Trust(R) is a residential and rehabilitation centre for the mentally retarded, physically handicapped, aged, mentally ill, orphan school going children and infants from different parts of country. At present we are serving 450 inmates covering people with Mentally ill, Mentally retarded, aged, orphan, Physically Handicapped and the destitute school going children. Seon Ashram Trust(R) is registered charitable trust started in 1999, situated in an interior place called Gandibagilu in Belthangady Taluk of Dakshina Kannada District in Karnataka State. It is around 90 kilometers in the east of Mangalore and about 350 kilometers from Bangalore.


Seon Ashram Trust(R) is a residential and rehabilitative centre started by Mr. U.C.Paulose, a kind hearted person in the same village who started this ashram with few mentally retarded people. Initially he started serving them at his own house, gradually when the number started increasing, and he couldn’t occupy them in the house. Hence he made a small hut near his own house.

Over a period of time, the number of needy & helpless people started increasing and there was a need of having a proper house for them to stay. With help of donations from well wishers and kind hearted people, Mr. UC Paulose has built a building with all the required facilities.


Our Vision “To raise the quality of life of the mentally and physically challenged, old aged and depressed people of every caste and religion, creating an environment conducive to their physical, mental and spiritual growth in a holistic manner, to enable them as far as possible to become self reliant and their integration within the existing social structure. Our purpose is also to train these people to have good interaction with the family members as well as with the society and help them to learn basic life skills. Our Objectives

  • To raise the quality of life of the depressed disabled people of every caste and religion and create an environment conducive to their growth in a holistic manner physically, mentally and spiritually. Thus enable them as far as possible to become self-reliant and fit in to the society.
  • To provide minimum basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing to this disadvantaged people.
  • To provide basic facilities to build up good rapport among themselves and with others.
  • To provide health care and close follow up of these disabled inmates and help out in their regular activities.
  • To provide facility to develop some skill within them and thus enable them to lead a self sustainable life.
  • To establish a vocational training centre to these disabled people.
  • To identify, enroll and rehabilitate mentally challenged destitute individuals.
  • To develop community awareness and participation towards the care of the disadvantaged group.
  • To provide education for a better tomorrow for the needy children.
  • To collaborate with other like minded institutions, NGOs and individuals to attain our common goals.